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            ABOUT US

            Euchemy Industry Co., Limited is an enterprise specializing in producing, researching and selling pigments and additives. Our product range includes iron oxide pigments, chrome pigments, other inorganic pigments, organic pigments and additives.Zhujun is on of the owner of Euchemy co.,limited.Haopu Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd. is  the export house of Hangzhou euchemy co., limited.

            Iron oxide Pigments business is one of our core businesses with a total of three production facilities spread out in Zhejiang and Jiangshu. We are in the strongest position ever to provide our customers with the most stable quality, quantity and the most competitive price. At the same time we can also select other pigments sources that offer consistent quality products and excellent value throughout China.

            Our producing technique and goods quality is advanced in china, and we have a strong technical team to rely on, so we are able to improve the products according to customers’ request to meet various practical uses.

            Euchemy is growing rapidly. “Quality first and service supreme” is our principle. To make you feel satisfied is our aim. We'd like to share our high-quality products and our success with everyone in the world. We want to benefit all: our customers, our company, our employees, and the countries our products sold to.

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