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            Micronized Oxide Pigments from Euchemy could especially provide excellent, cost-effective dispersibility on high speed mixing equipment in addition to clean and bright colour, higher tinting strength, stable light fastness and super weather resistance. Besides, it could be non-fading, nontoxic, eco-friendly which is absolutely qualified as one of top-grade products compared to other kinds of pigments with similar applications.

            Our Micronized Iron Oxide Pigments have two grades. One is High Performance(FM) Grade, the other is Standard(M) Grade. High Performance Grade is highly micronized to offer easy dispersion with high-speed impeller milling equipment or single & twin screw extruders. Standard Grade is suitable for use where high-energy media filled dispersion equipment such as sand-mills are used or in applications where high Hegman levels of dispersion are not required.

            All of the products are carefully controlled within narrow limits for mass color, tint and strength. Typical applications include architectural paints, industrial coatings, product finishes, wood stains, plastics, rubber, ceramics, inks, paper, concrete, stucco, cement and mortar. 

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